Kades-Margolis Capital is the product provider for Kades-Margolis Corporation.   Kades-Margolis Capital offers several distinct products and platforms. It is the sponsor of the Money by Design and the Platinum Advisory Services.

Money by Design allows individuals to customize their retirement plan. It gives them access to more than 400 mutual funds, representing more than 20 fund families. They also have access to a Fixed-Interest Annuity Option 403(b).

Money by Design Platinum Advisory Service enables individuals to diversify among several different investment styles and asset management approaches using mutual funds and an investment advisory service. Platinum offers portfolios for multiple levels of risk, shifted and allocated within various investment strategists’ investment philosophies.

In addition to the Kades-Margolis proprietary products, we offer a diverse product line allowing you to find the right fit for your client’s individual needs.  Click below to learn even more about the products we offer.