“In 1974 Kades-Margolis earned the exclusive endorsement of the Pennsylvania State Education Association. I joined Kades-Margolis in 1976. Joining the company was one of the best decisions I ever made. Through the years, I focused on the 403(b) market and worked with thousands of clients.

“Today, Kades-Margolis continues to grow. It offers an excellent opportunity for new and experienced advisors.”





“I started my career with another financial services firm.  After speaking to one of my friends who worked at Kades-Margolis Corporation, I looked at what it had to offer and joined. Kades-Margolis offers a family culture.  Young advisors can get training and work with seasoned advisors to help them prospect and close. Also, Kades-Margolis focuses on a niche market that offers advisors places to go and people to see.  The key to staying in this business is daily activity. Kades-Margolis provides advisors with great sales and marketing support.” 




“What makes Kades-Margolis special?  When I joined in 1984, after being in the business 30 years, I joined a family.  The opportunity with Kades-Margolis is unlimited.  If you work hard, you will succeed. You are going to meet people and get leads.  The income is up to you.  You can make $50,000 or $500,000.  Kades-Margolis provides the tools you need to be successful.”