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Kades-Margolis Corporation and Kades-Margolis Capital Join U.S. Retirement Partners
Kades-Margolis Corporation and Kades-Margolis Capital announced they are now a member of U.S. Retirement Partners (USRP). Click here to view the article.

IRS Announces 2015 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits. Click here to view the article.

What does a good retirement look like to you? Does it resemble the retirement that your spouse or partner has in mind? It is at least roughly similar? This is discussed in our September KMC Newsletter.
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Bad Spending Habits That Can Be Corrected – A little frugality may lead to a lot of financial progress. Some of the Best & Worst Spending Habits for Americans are reviewed in our July KMC newsletter.
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Kades-Margolis Honors the Gary E. Reeser Award Winners

Front Row – Dick Learn, Amy Swartz, Charles Peterson, Ed Margolis, Laura Cowburn, Rich Fantauzzi (2014 PASBO President), Dale Keagy, Ed Poprik, Back Row – Wayne McCullough, Dave Nett, John Frombach, Bob Salanik, Craig Boltz, Chuck Linderman

Each year at its annual conference, The Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) presents the Gary E. Reeser Memorial Award to an outstanding PASBO member who exemplifies professionalism, leadership, and innovation in the field of school business management.

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PSEA Features Kades-Margolis in its Member Benefits Spotlight

Now and throughout November, PSEA is featuring Kades-Margolis in its Member Benefits Spotlight.

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PSEA members can take advantage of affordable, high-quality financial guidance and planning resources that Kades-Margolis offers. For 40 years, Kades-Margolis Corporation has helped more than 30,000 PSEA members and their families plan for the important financial events in their lives, including retirement and beyond. Kades-Margolis has proudly maintained PSEA endorsement since 1974 by providing guidance, financial strategies and proven retirement and investment solutions that help PSEA members meet their financial needs and goals.

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