If you own a life insurance policy and you haven’t looked at it in a while, we at Kades-Margolis can help you with an important policy review. A policy review involves more than a current life insurance death benefit analysis. We review your coverage in light of:

  • Changes to your existing policy (expiration of term, underfunded cash-value contract, etc.)
  • Changes in your life
  • Changes to your business
  • Current economic conditions
  • Your current life expectancy
  • Recent insurance industry trends in underwriting –  costs and features

We at Kades-Margolis will review all aspects of your coverage, including:

Protection Review

  • If your goal is income protection, is your death benefit large enough for your family to maintain today’s standard of living or to effectively ensure the continuation of your business?
  • If your goal is estate protection, would your current death benefit cover today’s estate settlement costs?

Annual premiums

  • How much are you paying for your coverage?
  • Are you paying the target premium amount?

Ownership structure

  • Is the current policy ownership the most tax efficient for your goals?
  • Have there been changes made in your business that would affect the ownership structure?

Beneficiary designations

  • Are your beneficiary designations up-to-date?
  • Are all of your intentions properly addressed?

Supplementary benefits

  • Are any optional riders and coverage still necessary?
  • Are there new options that may be appealing?

Cash value and performance

  • Is the performance of a permanent policy meeting your expectations?
  • Is the cash value capable of sustaining the policy?

A policy review is important.  You want to make sure you have the right coverage in place. A review also gives you the chance to adjust accordingly, before your intentions are not carried out as effectively or efficiently as you expect them to be.

If you have questions or would like a policy review, please call  
Kades-Margolis at (800) 433-1828, ext. 4, or click here, fill out the form and submit. We will have one of our associates contact you.

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