Michael Lynch

Dover, PA


When I was 14 years old, I started working in my father’s delicatessen in the summers. I continued working all throughout high school and college. I was extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and experience as a young man. With my father’s guidance, I developed traits early on in my life which have propelled me to become tremendously successful today: responsibility, a strong work ethic, and the desire to provide the highest-quality customer service.

As a financial advisor, I strive in every interaction to continue to embody these characteristics. When I meet with a client, I have a ceaseless ambition to be a dependable resource for financial guidance. However, I also have the solemn obligation to guide and confer with people in such a way that not only provides financial solutions, but builds an elevated level of trust. In my 10+ years at Kades-Margolis I have helped numerous public school employees and their families save for, prepare for, enter and enjoy their retirement. With every interaction I have, I always make sure I can walk away and feel that my father would be proud.

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Retirement Guidance

Whether you are a new teacher, someone in the middle of their career, or someone a year away from retirement, everyone should have some help in planning for their retirement. With a combination of experience and planning resources, I can help you better understand your current financial situation and plan your financial future.

Investment Advice

Choosing the right investments is difficult. How can you avoid mistakes in investing? How can you protect your investments in uncertain markets? How can you grow your retirement nest egg without taking on too much risk? These are questions we ask and answer together. Then, I help you choose investments appropriate to your level of risk.

Customized Planning

No two person’s situations are the same. How can you plan for your financial future and successfully anticipate every eventuality? As a Kades-Margolis Financial Advisor, I work with many different tools and resources to assemble a plan that can help provide solutions in the event of unforeseen possibilities.

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