Greg Holman

Wayne, PA

When I was 16, I opened my first mutual fund and contributed $50 monthly.  My father’s wisdom taught me the importance and power of the “save first” approach early in life. When I received my first paycheck, he told me that when I finished college and started my career, committing to the “save first” approach would be the key to my financial success. He continued to tell me that if I waited each month until I paid my rent on a big apartment, paid my loan for my fancy new car, went on dream vacations, and went out to eat all the time, I would always have the same amount to save at the end of each month, ZERO! Therefore, it was critical to save first and then enjoy the rest!

As a financial professional at Kades-Margolis, I partner with individuals and their families to help them reach their financial goals and the retirement they envision. Whether it’s retirement planning, saving for college, or adequately insuring for the unexpected, my “save first” approach to investment planning provides you with the assurance that I will deliver a financial road map that helps you work toward your goals.  I love the opportunity to practice what I preach regarding the “save first” approach.  Like me, most people need someone to educate them about this approach to financial security, like my father did for me at an early age.

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