Workshop Descriptions

Workshops delivered exclusively by Kades-Margolis Corporation

PSEA Member Benefits

There are many benefits to being a PSEA member, and one of them is that your membership can save you money – maybe a lot of money! The PSEA Member Benefits program offers you thousands of discount and savings opportunities including mortgages, insurances, credit cards, discount restaurant and movie tickets, and so much more. In this workshop, you will learn about these programs exclusively available to you and your family, and how to obtain more information.


Join us as we discuss the most recent pension legislation, known as “ACT 5.” During this session, we will explain the new options available to new AND existing PSERS members, and how these changes might impact you and your plans for retirement.

How to Retire from Public Education (Pre-Retirement)

If you’re considering retirement now, or plan to retire in the near future, this valuable workshop is for you. You’ll learn the necessary steps to make informed decisions about your retirement options. This workshop covers topics such as personal savings & investing, pension options, and Social Security benefits.

Saver’s Credit

The Saver’s Credit gives a special tax break to many low and moderate-income taxpayers who are saving for retirement. Join us as we detail the eligibility requirements and potential savings if you qualify for this special credit.