Platinum Advisory Services

Delivered exclusively by Kades-Margolis Capital


Choosing investments is rarely easy. It’s our role to make it easier.

Kades-Margolis financial professionals help you to understand and choose the investments that are right for you. But, unlike other financial professionals, before we assume you want to be educated about investments and then have us make those choices for you, we seek to better understand you so we can make those decisions with you. We start by asking questions about your short and long term goals and your tolerance for taking risk. Only then do we begin discussing the merits of our professional money management platform - the Kades-Margolis Capital Platinum Advisory Service.

Platinum Advisory Services is a managed mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) program that works with one or more professional money managers. Those money managers choose investments and strategies based on stated objectives.

Platinum Features

Tax-Deferred or Tax-Free Growth

• Tax-Deferred 403(b), 403(b)(7), 457(b), IRA, SEP or Simple IRA
• Tax-Free Roth 403(b), 403(b)(7), or Roth IRA
• Roth must be held for 5 years and through age 59 1/2 to be tax-free.

Optional Dollar Cost Averaging

• Dollar Cost Averaging is a strategy which invests equal monetary amounts regularly over a specific time period
Consolidated Quarterly Statements
• All of your investments are listed on a single quarterly statement and also available via our website with an option to specify any date range
• E-mail confirmations sent for lump sum rollovers, transfers or exchanges
Convenient Account Access
• Available via website or toll-free telephone support with our client service representatives from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday: 1-800-940-5524

Loan Provision

• Available where allowed by both employer plan document and federal regulations
• Minimum loan $1,000 and maximum loan is 50% of account value up to $50,000
• 100% of interest paid on loan is credited back to participants account
• Maximum of two outstanding loans at one time

Platinum Custody Agreements

Platinum 403(b) Custodial Agreement

Platinum 457(b) Custodial Agreement

Platinum IRA Custodial Agreement