Sean Culbertson

Butler, PA

I pride myself in working with my clients in a simple, hands-on approach. My goal is to help you understand what your goals are and clearly articulate how we’re going to get you there.

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Approaching the financial goals you’d like to reach in a clear and concise manner while staying within your comfort zone. Your investments shouldn’t keep you up at night!


One of the most important aspects of any investment plan is an accurate household budget. Without this your spending will likely differ drastically from what you think it is, potentially disrupting what you’d like to accomplish.

Retirment Income Planning

Once a client has established wealth over their life, there comes a time when they may transition from a growth mode to an income mode. What’s the proper way to disburse one’s assets to recreate a paycheck in retirement? Proper income planning in retirement is critical to not running out of money prematurely. I create personalized income plans with my clients to provide the needed income to enjoy retirement.

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