Brian Dart, CRPC

Cranberry Township, PA


As a financial advisor of GWN Securities, Inc., I specialize in retirement plans, investment planning and personal financial strategies. My primary goal is to work with my clients to establish a comprehensive plan to help them build wealth and achieve financial independence.

My career at Kades-Margolis Corporation began in 2007, after spending two years with a comprehensive financial planning company in Pittsburgh. I’ve developed a broad range of knowledge in retirement planning, college funding, risk management and investment planning strategies for my clients and their families. By using a comprehensive approach to address a client’s financial needs, I focus on solutions to help meet their goals.

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Wealth Accumulation

One of the most gratifying parts of working with clients if establishing savings and investing strategies to help them build and accumulate wealth over the long term. Whether saving for retirement or any other specific goal, the first step to financial independence is wealth accumulation. I work with clients to review their current investment allocation and savings rate to ensure they’re properly aligned with their goals.

Insurance Planning

As a client accumulates wealth, establishing a proper risk management strategy is key. What would the result of a catastrophic illness, injury, or even death be on a clients investment plan? Having the proper insurances in place are essential to ensure your financial plan doesn’t get derailed. I review and update my clients insurance plans as needed.

Retirement Income Planning

Once a client has established wealth over their life, there comes a time when they may transition from a growth mode to an income mode. What’s the proper way to disburse one’s assets to recreate a paycheck in retirement? Proper income planning in retirement is critical to avoid running out of money prematurely. I create personalized income plans with my clients to provide the needed income to enjoy retirement.
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