Ken Weiss

Williamsport, PA

As a pastor for 30 years and financial advisor for 10, helping people feel a sense of peace and security has been paramount to Ken. Ken listens to your financial story then has explains money matters in a clear, understandable and complete manner. Be assured that Ken will address your individual situation with the proper path to help you have a comfortable future. Ken has the professional training through both PSERS and PSEA that has endorsed Kades Margolis for its investment services since 1974. Additionally, he experienced the retirement process in a very personal way when his wife retired from a teaching career in public schools and is now enjoying her PSERS pension every month.

Mr. Weiss recently became the executor of two estates as both his mother and mother-in-law passed away. Between this very personal experience and additional continuing education courses he has taken, Ken has learned much about inheritance and the need to properly plan our estates, no matter what their size may be.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning really begins very early in life so this is important for all ages. I help people plan their retirement with PSERS pension. with their savings, 401K, IRAs, 403(b). This includes the complete picture of retirement funds, life insurance and long term care, as well as providing an inventory of important papers to help prepare clients and their families.

Estate Planning

We all have estates, regardless of size. We all need to plan. There is much to know about inheritance issues, how to set up proper paperwork to reduce taxes and avoid pitfalls when we leave money to our loved ones, charities, and other organizations. While I am not an estate attorney, I have learned much being the executor of several estates.

Educating Young Couples

My parent/grandparent genes are tapped here. I love to help people get started on a good financial path, educate about basic investments, and provide insurance needs as well as plan for college education. Time is a key element in investing, perhaps the most important part, therefore it is critical to start as early as possible.

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