Kerry Hawver

Port Allegany, PA


As a Kades-Margolis Financial Professional, I offer investment planning to meet the individual and family needs of Kades-Margolis clients and their families. 
Growing up, I was fortunate to learn the importance of saving for retirement and the time value of money. When I began my first full-time job, I was encouraged to invest money into a retirement plan. This valuable advice allowed me to see exactly how money compounded over time. I have had a personal interest in investing and helping others understand the importance of retirement savings.
I am a Port Allegany graduate living with my wife Kristin and our two sons, Liam and Adam, in the same small town where my wife and I grew up. I am familiar with educators’ challenges, as my wife has been working as a teacher for the last 16 years. I enjoy working with clients throughout McKean, Potter, Elk, and Cameron counties to assist them in setting and attaining their future goals for retirement. I relate to the individuals living in the rural communities that I service, and I enjoy building personal relationships and helping my clients attain the financial goals that they set.
I am an avid supporter of youth and high school sports, and I use that passion to give back to my community by coaching youth football, basketball, and baseball. I also love traveling and making memories with my family. When I am home, I enjoy hiking, playing catch with my boys, and riding side-by-side to take in everything nature offers.
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Retirement Guidance

Whether you are a new teacher, someone in the middle of their career, or someone a year away from retirement, everyone should have some help in planning for their retirement. With a combination of experience and planning resources, I can help you better understand your current financial situation and plan your financial future.

Investment Advice

Choosing suitable investments can be a challenge. How can you avoid investing mistakes? How can you protect your assets in uncertain markets? How can you grow your retirement nest egg without taking too much risk? We will discuss these questions, and then I will help you choose investments that are appropriate to your risk level.

Customized Planning

No two people’s situations are the same. How can you plan for your financial future and successfully anticipate every eventuality? As a Kades-Margolis Financial Professional, I use many different tools and resources to assemble a plan that can help provide solutions in the event of unforeseen possibilities.

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