Nick Wyzkiewicz

Greensburg, PA


Nick’s road to financial advising has been paved through a rich history of helping people from all walks of life to become the best version of themselves. In his past as a counselor, Nick developed the ability to champion people and partner with them to pursue their unique life goals. During his time in ministry, Nick developed a passion to go out of his way to show people their true value and teach principles for living a successful life. Now, as a Kades-Margolis financial professional, Nick thrives on providing clients with that same care in the realm of finance, investment, and wealth management.

Integrity, transparency, and trust are major keys to the way Nick lives his life inside and outside the office. He believes that good stewardship brings increase and that proper guidance leads to confident financial decisions. Whether a client is building a foundation or leaving a legacy, Nick is committed to meeting people right where they are and walking together on their journey towards the retirement they envision.

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Retirement Guidance

Whether you are a new teacher, someone in the middle of their career, or someone a year away from retirement, everyone should have some help in planning for their retirement. With a combination of experience and planning resources, I can help you better understand your current financial situation and plan your financial future.

Investment Advice

Choosing the right investments is difficult. How can you avoid mistakes in investing? How can you protect your investments in uncertain markets? How can you grow your retirement nest egg without taking on too much risk? These are questions we ask and answer together. Then, I help you choose investments appropriate to your level of risk.

Customized Planning

No two person’s situations are the same. How can you plan for your financial future and successfully anticipate every eventuality? As a Kades-Margolis Financial Professional, I work with many different tools and resources to assemble a plan that can help provide solutions in the event of unforeseen possibilities.

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